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About Us

     The Rosetta Stone Navajo Language exam was developed by Navajo Language Renaissance, a non-profit organization founded to help revitalize the Navajo Language using Rosetta Stone language learning software. The Navajo Language Renaissance team is comprised of educators, linguists, and individuals passionate about ensuring the future of the Navajo language.

About The Exam

     This Rosetta Stone Navajo Language exam is an online Navajo language proficiency test. The exam is made up of a series of 100 multiple choice questions and is intended to be completed within 90 minutes. The exam costs $50.00 USD. Topics covered include language basics, greetings and introductions, and work, school and shopping situations.
     The exam may only be taken twice. The exam fulfills the language requirement for the Office of
Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Aid (ONNSFA) Chief Manuelito Scholarship.
    NOTE: Students who successfully complete a Navajo Language course at an accredited institution
are not required to take this test in order to fulfill ONNSFA's Navajo language requirement.

    To register to take an official exam:

Step 1: Identify a guidance counselor or teacher who
             would be willing to proctor the exam at a              specified time and place.

Step 2: Register by providing your personal              information and proctor's name, position,              and contact information.

Step 3: Have the proctor contact NLR to confirm              the exam arrangements by email and phone.

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